SoLoMo And The Future Of Mobile Technology

Every industry is, and will increasingly be affected by mobile devices and location-sensing technology. What we’re seeing today in the arenas of local commerce, deals, and productivity is only the beginning. With Internet and location-enabled phones in the hands of billions all around the world, the future of mobile location is rapidly becoming our future as an advanced civilization.

“We won’t talk about mobile as a separate category because every Internet-driven company by definition will be mobile-oriented, socially oriented, and locally oriented,” said Michael Parekh, Managing Partner, StikCo Labs.

SoLoMo (social, location, and mobile) is a trend larger than any single app or company, and it will encompass every industry on the planet. The future of mobile location will see the integration of location-enabled features and insights into every product you touch and every process you engage in during the course of your life, providing great efficiencies and incredibly valuable insights.

“You’re surprised to learn that you’re a creature of habit, and (with location technology) we can surmise all kinds of interesting insights into who you are and what you like to do based on how you move in space and time,” said Eghosa Omoigui, Managing Partner, EchoVC.

Products like FitBit, Tripit, and RunKeeper are already leveraging location-aware smartphones to provide users with reports about their health, travel, or exercise habits. You can expect nearly every product you touch to eventually provide this type of personal data to you.

The emergence of mobile location over the last few years has laid the foundation for anywhere computing, and the future of that is exactly what the name says: anywhere computing. I expect the next generation of devices such as your home appliances, your car, and your television to engage with you, and to know where you are and what you’re doing.

What truly excites me as an entrepreneur, an investor, and a consumer, is that everything I have mentioned is already at work in our lives and the speed of its integration is remarkable. As it relates to mobile location, the future truly is now.

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