Solutions: Printing photos isn’t a DIY job

I’ve been looking at several new printers, but I am not sure of the best one for photos. Could you recommend a printer, under $100, that prints quality photos?

I’m not a photo print expert, but I know there isn’t anything out there for less than $100 that will compete with the professional printing available at Walgreens, Walmart and other stores that offer photo services. If you do a lot of photo printing, then the best advice I can give is to remember that you get what you pay for, especially in the world of printers. If you just occasionally print photos, I recommend taking your camera’s memory card or a flash drive containing the pictures to a local photo service. The costs are reasonable, and the quality is very good.

Power Point Viewer on Windows 7 will no longer allow me to open items. When I try to open, a “USAGE” screen appears with nine statements. The first being “Extract: path, extracts the content of the package to path folder.” I have uninstalled and installed with no success. What should I do?

This can occur if the default program for that file type gets clobbered, and it sounds like your current file association for your PPT files is set to some sort of “zip.” Right-click on one of the files that will not open. Select Open With and then click the Browse button and navigate to and select PPTView.exe.

Yesterday I got an email that seemed to be from a family member with the subject line: “hi.” Foolishly, I opened it, and even more stupidly clicked on the embedded link. As soon as I opened the email, I cleared temporary Internet files and waited for the active Microsoft Security Essentials scan to end. Then I ran a Malwarebytes scan that came up clear. Today, I got the email in another account that was in the first one’s contacts list, and so did two other contacts. I restarted my computer in safe mode and ran another negative Malwarebytes scan, then did a system restore, then again cleared temporary Internet files. Is there something else I should do to remove the problem?

Ninety-nine percent of viruses get on your system because you allow them to run. Make sure your Internet Explorer security is set to at least medium-high and the advanced tab settings are set to the defaults. This should eliminate future drive-by infections. If you are infected, Security Essentials and Malwarebytes may be disabled. If this is the case, then the best thing to do is run Microsoft’s Windows Defender Offline Beta. It creates a boot CD (or USB drive) that will allow you to boot without starting Windows and runs a thorough virus check without allowing a potential virus to interfere.

Go to to create your own CD/DVD. Boot from that CD. This will automatically run the Windows Defender Offline Beta. When you reboot after the scan, change your email password(s) immediately and recheck your Internet Explorer settings.

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