Spartan Chronicles: New Printers are Remarkably “Sharp”

New Printers are Remarkably “Sharp”

By Ben Gould; Spartan Chronicles

Granite Bay, California:  What can sort, stamp, and almost replace a teacher’s assistant?  The new copy machines at Olympus Junior high, manufactured by the company, Sharp!  Olympus Junior High School recently received two new Sharp MX-M363 printers.  These marvelous mechanisms can do a variety of things, that a copy machine, computer, and a person, can do combined.

To begin, MX-M363 can do anything a copy machine can do.  For instance, it can make copies a teacher would need for all of his or her students.  Miss Winn, a math teacher, pointed out that this machine can print double sided.  Mr. Healy said, the MX-M363 can sort papers.  “One of these devices can hold approximately 5000 pieces of paper,” said Mr. Conway.  The Sharp website states the MX-M363 “can print 999 continuous copies.”  There are many more tasks that this machine is capable of when functioning as a copy machine, but how about as a computer?

Next, this copy machine has many traits similar to a computer.  First the MX-M363 can receive a job from almost anywhere.  Mrs. Duncan said, “I can send something to print to the new copy machine from my house.”  This means these spectacular devices have internet connection.  Similar to computer monitors, the MX-M363 has a display screen, but its screen is a touch screen, like an iPad.  Even though computers cannot staple, the MX-M363 can, just like a person can.

Third, as Mr. Healy said, these copiers can, “do most things a T.A. (teacher’s assistant) can do.  For example

, these new devises  can staple.  As Miss Winn stated, “These machines can fax, email, print double sided, staple, and you can send a packet to the copy machine.”  Not only can these copy machines staple, but they can also, three hole punch, sort papers, and stamp. The one thing these machines cannot do is cut, so it looks like T.A.’s will still be necessary.  

In conclusion, the new MX-M363 copy machines made by Sharp are “the latest and greatest,” according to Mrs. Duncan.  They can play the role of copy machine, computer, and Teacher’s Assistant all in one day. 

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