Take Control With a Domain Transfer

At least once a day, I hear of someone that has a web site problem where they trusted someone to build a page and got it late, not the design they intended, incorrect copy or messed up their site so bad it is completely down.

Inevitably, they tell me “My contact said he’d take care of it. I haven’t heard from him in a while and I feel like my Internet business is being held captive.”

It doesn’t have to go this way.

First off, be careful who you trust. The cheapest deal may end up costing you. (that’s just good business advice)

However, when it comes to web site. EVERYTHING can be fixed if you do one thing.. Control the ownership of your domain.

This is best done before you get into a dispute. If your domain is not registered in your name (meaning you have the login information and password and pay for the domain on your own credit card) then take a few minutes right  now and get this fixed.

Just five minutes now can save you hours, days, or even years of frustration later.

Use this form at InNet Domains:


A click on the graphic above will take you to a secure web site where you can transfer ownership in a few minutes. And see the transfer concierge link? That will send you to a phone support desk if you get stuck.

Literally, all you need is a credit card to bill it to and the name of the domain you want to transfer. The system will handle contacting the current owner automatically.

HINT: Assuming you have an ongoing business relationship. Do tell them that you are d0ing this.. I find that an explanation like “straighten up  the books” should suffice in most friendly circumstances

You don’t need to move the web site, change servers, submit legal documents or make any other changes  to do this. The point is.. if you ever DO need to do this, you’ll have the domain name under your control.

If you buddy set up your site saying “I’ll take care of the registration” he’s the one in control. If you trust him, have a legal agreement, or don’t care about the potential of someone else owning your destiny, you don’t need this.

But why not be safe?

DISCLAIMER: Any references herein regarding ownership, legal issues, dispute resolution or laws is purely for illustration. I am not and attorney, and cannot give you legal advice. This article is intended to show how easy the process online is.. not to suggest who should own your domain. I will leave that to the attorneys and other professionals.

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