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ILSAN, South Korea, Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ‘The 29th Korea International Printing Graphics Industry Show!’ (hereafter KIPES 2012, www.kipes.com) which can show the vision of printing Industry changing drastically, is held KINTEX, Korea, from 5th Sep. to 8th.

In the opening ceremony, lots of outstanding personalities including Nam-su, Kim, a chairman of The Korean Printers Association, Chan-ui, Lee, a president of Korea Magazine Association, Mr. Lu Changan, a vice president of China Printing Tool Materials Association,  Mr. John Choa, a Chair man of the Philippines, Mr. K.S Khurana, a chair man of India Printing Packaging Association, Chung-han Kim, a president of Korea E Ex, an organizer of KIPES 2012, and others participate in KIPES 2012.

Label printing applying to varied fields including cutting edge products of digital printing industry, after process related equipment being varied more and Printing materials are being fused with IT are displayed at KIPES 2012 which is co-organized by Korea E EX and Korea Printing Association.

In addition, cutting edge trend of various printing related industries such as special printing, printing solution for more effective printing process, various special paper for extremely high quality printing and printed electronics products are shown.

In particular, world’s superior companies of the number of 225 from 22 countries including America, Germany and China as well as domestic manufacturers of the number of 86  participate in KIPES 2012 to contribute to leading the printing trend and upgrading related technologies.

New products which can reflect the latest printing trend are exhibited by 23 companies for Prepress industry, 48 enterprises for printing equipment, 40 companies for printing material, 20 companies for bookbinding  facilities, 23 enterprises for  paper processing machinery, 11 companies for printed electronics industry and 59 enterprises for printing, publishing, services and others.

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