The Morning Briefing: The future of LED technology

“The Morning Briefing” is SmartPlanet’s daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we’re reading about LED technology and innovative use.

1.) European LED commercial lighting market to grow seven-fold to $1.9bn by 2015. The European LED lighting market is growing rapidly due to energy-saving awareness and, in particular, the high electricity prices in Europe, according to TrendForce’s ‘2011-2015 European LED Lighting Market Report’.

2.) Analysis: Falling prices to kill off half of Chinese LED chipmakers. In China, surplus capacity and sliding prices are sounding the death knell for half of the companies making light emitting diode (LED) chips used in Samsung television panels and Sharp computer monitors, with only the large, state-backed players likely to pull through.

3.) LED technology illuminating the lighting industry. With energy conservation and environmental protection at the forefront of every conscientious manufacturer’s priorities, LED lighting technology has gained an ever greater foothold in the lighting industry.

4.) L.A. shines brighter with new solar powered street lights. Following L.A.’s big announcement this week to ban plastic bags, the city will take another step toward a greener environment with the installation of new solar powered and LED street lights.

5.) Delaware: Indian river bridge lights up. The blue LED lights illuminating the stay cables will be on each night. There are 76 low-wattage (55 watt) bulbs and 16 LED fixtures illuminating the outside faces of the pylons, according to the Delaware Department of Transporation, making for a total of 92 lights.

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