Updated printers in some dorm ARCs means new charges for students

Residents of Oliver, Gertrude Sellards Pearson (GSP) and Templin may have noticed something missing from the Academic Resource Centers (ARCs) when they returned to campus this semester.

The old printers were removed and new production printers were installed in the residence hall lobbies. Production printers have the capability to serve as a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine and provide options like making color copies, two-sided printing and collating, all features that were unavailable before.

“We were finding it difficult to effectively maintain non-production printers in these fairly high-use environments,” wrote Diana Robertson, director of student housing, in an email. “There are several goals associated with this decision, the most important of which is to provide students with increased service levels.”

Students living in any residence hall, scholarship halls and Jayhawker Towers are required to provide their own paper to use the ARC printers. Now, residents of Oliver, GSP and Templin must also pay a fee per page. For colored printing, the fee is $.048 per page, and the charge for black-and-white printing is $0.08 per page.

Ashley Her, a junior from Wichita, returned to Oliver for a second year. Since the beginning of the semester, Her has used $6 of her $8 allotted for free printing.

“I pretty much used all of my free printing,” Her said. “It’s hard on money; not everyone can afford it. I just wish that Oliver would have free printing again.”

Her said she thinks the University should increase the budget for free printing for residents in Oliver, GSP and Templin in order to offset the newly enacted fee.

However, Robertson said that any savings from reducing the number of non-production printers in those dorms has been invested in updating computers in the ARCs, which Robertson said would be replaced on a two-year cycle.

This semester, all ARCs were equipped with new Dell 990s. Also, a 60-inch LCD was installed in GSP for instructional use, and Templin will receive a 60-inch screen with SMART interactive overlay.

— Edited by Luke Ranker

— Edited by Luke Ranker

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