You Were Robbed.. I Bet You Didn’t Even Notice

I was in shock…

I looked at my web logs (never as often as I should), and saw heavy use of one graphics file.

How could a file load more often than the rest of the page?

I checked further, and found out someone was grabbing the product photo I shot, and using it to sell their own stuff on another site.

Worst part was.. they got a lot more traffic than me. That really hurt!

The cost of the bandwidth was small.. but I felt violated. So I changed the photo on my site, and saved a copy of my logo as the name of the stolen photo.

When I went to the thief’s page.. there was MY LOGO.

Naturally, they changed their photo quickly, and were too smart to try taking mine again.

I resolved to do something about it. I’ve tried watermarks, logos on the photos, and even though about hiring a lawyer. All of those were too time consuming or expensive.

Finally, I found the perfect solution. Hot Link Alarm

It’s so simple and easy.. just download the program and follow the step by step instructions and you’ll be protected.

The software comes from a team headed by my friend Willie Crawford. Willie and his team are geniuses at helping people setup web sites and make money online.

Protect your web site. Pick up Hot Link Alarm today.. then post a comment and let me know if this message helped, and what other issues you’d like to see hear on LaserPage.

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