What Do You Think of the New Port on the iPhone 5?

The iPhone is undeniably a popular smart phone. So popular in fact that it can easily be considered as Apple’s most important product. Introduced by Apple in January 2007, it was the iPhone that first offered a multi-touch touch screen interface which soon became the industry standard. According to Statistica, in 2011 alone, Apple managed to sell 72 million phones which brought the total number of units shipped to 140 million. As to the iPhone 5, data from Statistic Brain shows that as of September 22, the number of iPhone 5 pre-orders in the first 24 hours amounted to 2,000,000 and the percent of iPhone 5 buyers who upgraded from a previous phone went up to 83%.

Take the survey and see what real users say about the new port on the iPhone 5 

Huffington Post On the new iPhone port

It represents an opportunity for accessory vendors. The iPhone connector has been a standard for a long time now and I would expect the same to be true for a new connector, should Apple change it as expected.
– Pete Cunningham, London-based analyst at technology research firm Canalys


With a smaller connector, what am I going to do with my loudspeaker at home and the fitness pack that I use when I go to the gym? That’s the question.

– 24-year old Travis Tam, who owns an iPhone 4 and works as an account executive at a social networking company in Hong Kong.

Daily Guide Hana: New iPhone Port Has a Major Problem

I’ve also got lots of charging cords sitting around my house, all designed to power up my phone and iPad wherever I go. Now all those things – tens of millions of iOS-compatible accessories – have been rendered obsolete. The only way to plug the new iPhone and iPods into gadgets bearing the old dock is to buy an ungainly adapter. Apple will sell you the adapter for $29, which is the definition of being unfriendly to your customers.

-Farhad Manjoo, Slate’s technology columnist

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