What’s driving our future..technology, sustainability or an uneasy marriage of both?

2012-02-10 06:12:07 –

/EINPresswire.com/ Today’s world is expanding in complexity at the speed of light and consuming resources at an ever increasing rate. Australia’s people, corporations and governments are navigating uncharted territory as new and pressing challenges emerge in productivity, energy and water, safety and security, mobility and healthcare. How will Australia respond to these pressures and still remain competitive, maintain living standards and ultimately achieve a sustainable future?

The 20th century saw increasing dependence on technology solutions that have changed the face of Australia. Technology has allowed us to expand urban boundaries, travel further, live longer and consume more. But with every action comes a reaction. Unless sustainable solutions are found, maintaining our widespread infrastructure and expanding population may place a heavy

burden on generations to come.

Our consumption of water and energy poses particular challenges. Advanced technology could play a leadership role in sustainable resources, but progress is limited and without impetus or motivation what might the future hold?

The Healthcare industry faces enormous pressure from an ageing population. In spite of productivity and medical advancements, costs continue to spiral.

Security of Australia’s food production and ability to sustain its people is also a pressing issue. One that is inextricably linked with population, water, energy and technology.

Is sustainability our over-riding concern or is technology the magic bullet that should guide our future? Exploring the relationship between people, technology and sustainability poses some thought provoking questions:

Will we work harder, longer and pay more tax in future?
Are there ways to secure our energy and water needs?
How will our healthcare system work?
What about national safety and food security?

Above all, how will Australians resolve these issues and achieve a sustainable balance that also protects our fragile environment?

In his presentation at the Opportunity Green Summit, due to be held in Melbourne next month, David Keenan, Vice President – Industry Sector, Siemens Ltd and Chairman of Silcar will explore a range of these issues and the close link between technology and sustainability. David Keenan is a popular and enigmatic speaker whose perspectives have been gained through extensive industry experience around the globe. His insights will explore how recognising and fortifying the connections between Australia’s technology, people and environment may help achieve a balanced and sustainable future.

For more information on the Summit, visit www.greensummit.com.au or contact Expotrade on +613-95450360

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