Will 3-D Printing Drive The Future Of File Sharing?

The popular file sharing website The Pirate Bay has bold plans for the future. With the future of 3D-printing looking promising the Swedish website created “Physibles,” a category where people can go to share schematics for 3D-printable objects. They believe that, “the future of sharing is about physible data,” and explain the implications for the future:

The benefit to society is huge. No more shipping huge amount of products around the world. No more shipping the broken products back. No more child labour. We’ll be able to print food for hungry people. We’ll be able to share not only a recipe, but the full meal. We’ll be able to actually copy that floppy, if we needed one.

Are they too ambitious? Maybe. But 3D-printing is becoming more accessible, easy to use and cheaper. In the long run it is not unreasonable to believe that next step in copying and file sharing will be making physical objects from digital schematics.

The Pirate Bay

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