Will Future Technologies Be More Natural? [PSFK NYC 2012]

At the PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012 today, our diverse lineup of speakers are sharing valuable insights and ideas about technology, business and creativity.

Steve Clayton is a regular contributor to PSFK and a Microsoft storyteller. In this role, Steve works with teams across Microsoft to highlight the work of product groups, Microsoft Research, incubations teams and individuals – all with the aim of providing an insider’s view of Microsoft and showing people what’s next in technology.

At today’s conference, Steve talked about how in the future, Microsoft envisions that every surface will become a digital display, and  how in the future, technology will be more intuitive, invisible and anticipatory.

Intuitive with voice control enabled by technology with human abilities to recognize; invisible with cameras that ‘see’ gestures and project screens onto any surface; and anticipatory using insights gathered from big data that are curated to predict the needs and wants of tomorrow.

Steve commented:

An increasing amount of technology has human abilities, they can see, recognize and hear. We can build more natural interfaces as a result of that.

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Next at Microsoft /  @stevecla

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