Wireless printing solution from Lantronix for iPad and Apple iOS …

Lantronix has announced the launch of its new patent-pending xPrintServer – Home Edition, designed specifically for home use by consumers wishing to print from their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to a USB or network printer. The xPrintServer roughly comes in the size of an iPhone.

The xPrintServer – Home Edition is designed specifically for home use and it adds support for USB printers and supports up to two network printers. Now iOS users can wirelessly print emails, web pages, photos, and more to their existing printer without having to install any software or device drivers. The xPrintServer – Home Edition is simple; no need to connect to a PC or Mac.

“With the proliferation of mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone, more and more consumers are using them as mainstream, computing devices,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst, MobileTrax LLC. “Until recently, the problem with using these devices as PC replacements has been the inability to easily print. The xPrintServer offers a simple solution to fill this market need.”

The xPrintServer – Home Edition has the added benefit of transforming USB printers to network printers. Now instead of being tied to only one PC or Mac, the USB printer to be available over the home network to all networked PCs or Macs in addition to the iOS devices.

“We are incredibly excited to launch the newest member in the award-winning xPrintServer family,” said Mak Manesh, vice president of product management for Lantronix. “With more than 55 million U.S. households alone owning on average three Apple devices and two printers, the market is ripe for a consumer-friendly printing solution for iPads and iPhones that is easy to install and easy to use.”

The xPrintServer – Home edition: Key differentiators
1. No IT experience required. Simply open the box, plug it in, print.
2. No software or apps to purchase, install, or support.
3. Home Edition supports multiple USB printers, up to two network-connected printers, and an unlimited number of iOS devices and users.
4. No longer tied to a single PC or Mac, USB printers to be available to all PCs and Macs on a home network.
5. The xPrintServer auto-discovers and auto-provisions printers.
6. Does not require a high power consumption PC or Mac to be on; environmentally friendly power consumption of approximately 1 watt.
7. If it can be viewed, opened, or read on an iOS device, it can be printed with the xPrintServer.

The xPrintServer – Home Edition is currently available at a retail price of $99.95 MSRP.

The product to begin shipping in July 2012 and is available for pre-ordering now at www.Lantronix.com.

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